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Ripple Effect Music believes in people's limitless potential. We believe in equal opportunity, creating goodwill to lead an abundant life, and sustainability. 


Music connects people fluidly, just like a ripple effect. Ripple Effect Music helps anyone to maximize their potential with an immersive musical experience. All students deserve the same first step. We, as adults, were often told less is more. We would like to make an exception for our students and actualize the old cliché, “The more, the merrier”. It's the cliché that can heal the wound.

Please contact us directly to schedule your first trial lesson!

503-500-1034 (Text available)

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Top Rated Music Curriculum

With our top-rated music curriculum in multiple regions and institutions, we proudly offer lessons to all ages and levels. By incorporating high music technology, our curriculum keeps students engaged and enhances their creativity very efficiently.

Remote Learning Availiability

Ripple Effect Music's curriculum is also proven to be equally effective in remote learning. When the music schools were forced to switch to 100% virtual lessons in 2020, our teachers maintained or increased students’ satisfaction scores, while others experienced significant decreases.

Innovative Music Curriculum

Ripple Effect Music’s interactive curriculum innately motivates students and enables them to compose their original songs and play. Students can also receive customized sheet music, instead of the existing books that unnecessarily elongate the children’s learning process and uninterest them.

Advanced Technology

With our technology, students can efficiently compose, arrange, and record their original songs, even with orchestral sound - all in one lesson room. Students’ satisfaction scores increased significantly with a such unique experience.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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